Red and Orange Paisley Reusable Swiffer Wet Jet Refill Pad

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Product Description

1 reusable wet jet pad in a red and orange paisley print on one side. Side 2 has an orange slightly ribbed terrycloth pad for cleaning. These work on the swiffer wetjet models with a built in sprayer.

Simply center the reusable pad on the mop head, press on velcro strips so the pad attaches to the head and mop away!

Completely machine washable and dryer safe using cool temperatures. I use snag free velcro. This type of velcro attaches to itself and should not snag other fabrics in the wash. If you are still concerned about snagging, feel free to fold the pad in half, velcro to velcro, and then launder as usual.

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-Measurements are approximate.
-Wash with like colors and fabrics.
-Pattern placement will vary.
-Some minor shrinkage is normal.


Did you know you can refill those expensive swiffer floor cleaning bottles? Here's how.

Supplies needed: small saucepan, water, empty swiffer bottle, dish towel

Please use caution when attempting this procedure.

1. Heat a small pot of water to boiling or near boiling (it has to be HOT). Turn off heat source.
2. Carefully place the bottle cap end of an EMPTY swiffer bottle in the hot water for about 1 minute. You will have to hold the bottle the entire time so please protect your hands and face.
3. Remove the bottle from the water and using a dish towel, grasp the cap and twist it off. A little effort may be needed but it really does work. Some people clip the little tabs, I don't. The bottle opens time and time again.
4. Rinse out the bottle and add your favorite cleaning solution.

Red and Orange Paisley Reusable Swiffer Wet Jet Refill Pad

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