Penguins, Polar Bears and Seals Crochet Top Towel, Crochet Top Hand Towel, Kitchen Towel

$5.50 USD


Product Description

A soft cotton towel with an adorable gathering of polar bears, seals and penguins against a dark blue background. The topper is crocheted in white 100% cotton yarn.

I created a modern version of a kitchen classic. My design of the hanging, crochet top towel has a clean, finished look.

-No buttons.
-No snaps.
-No ties.
-No velcro.

How does it work? I am glad you asked. It works 2 different ways.

First is the most common way to hang this towel. Let's call it 'loop and lock'. Just drape (loop) the crochet top over a handle. Place your fingers in the loop portion of the topper to open the area. Next, feed the towel through the opening gently pulling the towel down as far as it will go and 'lock' in place. This process works on horizontal handles and vertical handles.

The second way to hang this towel is to place the loop portion on a hook or knob. The loop portion can be doubled over to tighten the opening.

Hanging towels are not just for the kitchen. How about the bathroom, wheelchair, lawn mower, garden cart, sports bag, your belt loop, stroller or just about anywhere you feel you would need to use a towel.

Care instructions...

Machine wash and dry, cool temperature with like colors.

Very eco friendly.

-Pattern placement can vary.
-Trim can vary.
-Crochet topper is my original design/pattern

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