Baseballs Neck Cooler , Cool Tie, Cool Band

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Product Description

When it's hot, we want to feel relief. A neck cooler can help.

Each neck cooler is made from pre-washed 100% cotton fabric and divided into 6 chambers. Water absorbing crystals (cationic polyacryamide powder) are inserted in the 4 center chambers only. Outer 2 chambers are left empty to allow you the option of tying the ends together.

Listing is for 1 orange batik neck cooler.

Quantity available = 1

To use:

1. Soak cooler in water until crystals bulge, initial soaking can take approx. 60 minutes. Do not allow to oversoak, the crystals may over expand and the neck cooler will not bend enough around the neck to work properly.

2. Gently wring out excess water. Place neck cooler around your neck. The crystals will slowly release absorbed water and the evaporation of the water should keep you cool several hours. Can be resoaked to refresh the coolness and reused.

*Dispose used crystals responsibly and properly. In the garden or regular trash. NEVER in sinks or toilets.
*Crystals are non toxic and biodegradable.
*When activated, crystals are slippery.
*Parental supervision is advised when neck coolers are used by children under the age of 12.
*DO NOT FREEZE. Freezing these crystals will destroy them. Refrigerate after activation if you would like an extra cold neck cooler.

Spot clean only, mild cleansers.

-Pattern placement will vary.
-Measurements are approximate

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